RBN Rebranding

Head of Design / Creative Director

Discovery: The brand required direction to bring it to the forefront of modern sportswear. For a new brand to make an impact, not only did it need a new agenda but an entirely new visual identity. The process required intricate tinkering to give it a clear-cut and to the point look and feel.

Design: Fusing the concepts of the phoenix as a base, with the notions of momentum gave us the direction to embark on creating a new look for the brand using trusted techniques and pairing it with the irregularities that truly make a logo stand out.

Delivery: A futuristic logo was the result, yet it tied in with the current viewpoints seen across athletes and individuals with any correlation to sports or sportswear. The colour palette struck a balance of classic affiliation and space for the modern mind to create its own agenda. Using the contrasting colours and now distinct phoenix based logo along with the abbreviation RBN, the brand elevated itself amongst peers in the industry.

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