Alengko: King Ravana’s Kingdom

Creative Director

Full branding & packaging solution for a souvenir bar selling Sri Lankan memorabilia to foreign travelers.

The name Alengko was given to ancient Sri Lanka by the Javanese and Sumatra people during the rule of legendary King Ravana 5000 years ago, who is also mentioned in the Indian poems of Ramayana.

Option 1:
 The “Yaka” (demon) Mask with features of the Peacock is believed to bring peace and harmony. It is one of a dozen variations of traditional masks dating back to the age of King Ravana, used in ritualistic and ceremonials practices. These Raksha masks are a popular symbol of Sri Lankan folk lore and classical art and are still in use but has been adapted and modernized for a contemporary look. This was the client’s favorite option!

Option 2:
 The Swastika Flower: A prominent ancient decorative symbol from the time of King Ravana, which is part of Sri Lankan classical art, has been adapted and modernized with a contemporary look. Client’s chosen option!