Amana Global Bank

Creative Director

Led the team in winning the 1st round in a Pitch – Full branding solution from name to all print and digital content.

‘Citra’ is derived from the Sanskrit word for radiance. Inspired by this meaning, the name was also given to describe the Holy City of Medina in the times of Muhammad (PBUH).  Using this as the concept, the logo uses petals from a lotus flower – the national flower of Sri Lanka, each petal representing purity, a sense of radiance and tranquility. In Mirror image the three petals each represent the three binding USPs of the brand, namely Sharia law, ethical practice and trust.

While the colour Blue represents the blue ribbon standard of service which is the highest standard in many areas of commercial industry and Gold representing Gold standard which is a more trusted and stable monetary system. Whilst the slab serif font is chosen to highlight a more classic tone to the brand.

Amana bank is the first licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka to conduct its operations in keeping with the principles of Islamic financing.