Tony Davies Consulting

Head of Design / Creative Director

Tony Davies Consultancy is a project management company spearheaded by Tony Davis, an ex-Royal Navy Engineer and a Prince 2, Lean Six Sigma: specialist. His company offers a consultancy service aimed at helping mid-level to large organisations identify and eliminate inefficiencies and waste, and optimize processes using this method.

Mismanagement and poor internal communication in organisations, result in waste, mainly due to overproduction, uncertainty, transportation, inappropriate processing and excess inventory. Lean Six Sigma: is an opportunity amongst chaos, and a highly structured and organized system, utilizing existing resources and essentials to maintain zero waste.

An element that stood out reflecting Lean Six Sigma: characteristics was the Chinese tangram puzzle. Tony Davies’ background tied in with strategy and warfare leads us to the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena is represented by an owl, a creature known for its wise and calculative nature

Having established a strong and effective brand identity that communicates the brand essence, and business objectives symbolically, we are able to now apply this brand architecture right across all promotional materials from print to digital media and also all internal communication.